Thank you to everyone who came out to see Brand X8 : Flora. Your support made all our hardwork worth it!

                                                   Sheridan's Visual Merchandising Arts Year End Show

Sheridan’s Visual Merchandising Arts Program holds an annual Year End Show Portfolio Exhibit. All the second year students come together to design themed displays that present their creative abilities. Each show is unique and trend-setting. This year the students have decided to take the industry into a world of florals. You are invited to join us and see creativity in bloom.

The Garden of Earthly Delights

 the garden of earthly delights, green and delicious - fleeting.
The pull of the heart and the hand, her voice through the cacophony.
The oasis of overflowing eyes, your cup is never empty here.
With the soluble fish and the dreamers and the dreaming,
delight in the great mystery - surrender.
Delight in friends, and words with heart behind them,
eyes and potential lovers, shared dreams and solubility.
Sacrament in the oasis.

The perpetual cycle closes in.
Take a breath in, and release.

Let it go - everything is eventual, like the clockwork of the heart.
Eyes meet in the dark ocean of the undiscovered self, skin is blissful, unfolding.
Breathe into the experience of right now, let go of any idea of what should be,
and accept what is, say yes to the moment and speaking from the heart,
speaking full bodied delight.

- Cosmic Gentleman, 2014.